What is Beach Ball ?

Also called Beach Ball, Beach Paddle Ball, Frescobol or Matzot, this very simple and popular racket game is usually played on the beach, but can be played wherever you want. Fun but very challenging, Frescobol is a real sport that makes you practice your cardio, speed, balance, coordination and stay in shape.


Nobody really knows how and who invented it, but Beach Ball has been played since the 1920's on the Israeli beaches. Some other sources states this game was invented by Lian Pontes de Carvalho in the mid 1940's in Brazil and more precisely in Rio de Janeiro, on the well known Copacabana Beach.


Beach Ball do not require a lot of equipment, explaining also the popularity of the game. It requires only a pair of rackets and a ball. The rackets are usually in wood, plastic, fiberglass, the beach ball rackets are solid (not like a tennis paddle).


Frescobol begins at a close distance between the 2 players (usually 3 to 5 meters), you hit the ball and make the maximum rallies with your teammate. The goal is not to let the ball hit the ground. You can increase the distance between you and your partner gradually, and also increase the speed by hitting harder the ball. Be careful, a player can't hit the ball multiple times...

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