A "Smart" Beach Ball !

Designed and developed at Usine.IO workshop with experts, Loop Ball is a beautiful piece of engineering. With the purity of a simple design (since it had to remain a round ball after all), we crammed high technology inside the device to provide relevant data, responsiveness, and reliability for players. 

The Loop Ball can be played with any racket / paddle : brand new, cheap, old, broken, wood, plastic...  

While keeping its pliability, resistance, balance, and above all, game feeling, Loop Ball features :

  • Latest sensors to analyse motion in all dimensions
  • Integrated processor and memory to compute and store data
  • Wireless Bluetooth communication with Smartphone and Smartwatch  
  • State of the art power efficiency
  • Seamless floatable flexible shell that is shockproof and waterproof




The apps allows player to track their performance, geotag the exact location of games, share and challenge other players among friend & family and majors social networks, check leaderboard. 
If you happen loose the sight of your Loop Ball while playing (lets say in a pile of autumn leaves) you can trigger the "find Loop" mode on the app that help you locate it




available soon for Apple and Android devices

Check out this trailer about the Loop Ball, called then "Smart Ball" :