Beach Ball :


The Loop Ball is the next generation connected ball that transforms beach ball game in a funnier, broader and more attractive playing experience. Finally this game is given the innovation it lacked to make it version 2.0 ! 


Count less <
< play more

A new gaming experience


Count + Mesure

Don't waste energy counting ! 
Focus on your game and let the Loop Ball do the job for you.

The Loop Ball counts the rallies and calculate the distance between players.

Always-on referee

The Loop Ball is a referee in your pocket. The ball logs accurate and safe metrics for all your games.

You can now prove your performance ! 


Share your fun !

Never play to
no purpose anymore !

Your games are stored and you can share your performance with your friends 


Beach Paddle Ball is a popular sport around the world : it can be named Matkot, Frescobol, Beach Ball, Beach Tennis, Rally Ball… You name it !

This game can be casual or really sporty,  can be played on the beach, at the park or just almost anywhere since there is no strict playground.

Players are not opponents but partners and they score together. The universal rule of this sport is to rally the ball until it touches the ground thus ending the game : very simple concept... yet not that easy ;)